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From Victorian to Renaissance and Neo-classical, each period came with the conventional architectural style that reflected the age and cultural context related to it.

Architectural concepts have been evolving forever and the iconic structures spread throughout our world implies the same.

However, since the beginning of the 20th century, humanity had witnessed a sudden architectural revolution which paved way for the 2 major forms of architecture we see today.

Modern and Contemporary Architecture.

Often, people tend to use Modern and Contemporary interchangeably, even though both are very different and vary with each other over a century.

With that said, let’s dwell a bit deeper and take a look at the key differences between modern and contemporary architecture.


Mainly referring to buildings and homes from the mid 20th century, Modern architecture emphasized a minimalistic approach by simplifying the design on a holistic level

A modern home can be termed as homes that symbolize the modern art movement from the 20th century through its less complicated and more modest form of design.

:-: Open floor plan.

:-: Use of earthy elements.

:-: Clutter-free, minimalistic design.

:-: Clean straight lines.

The above are some of the inclusions that explain the “Less is more” feel adopted through modern homes which leads to a more simplistic way of living. One great thing about owning a modern home is that the whole place gives off a serene retro feel due to the usage of geometric patterns and accents associated with it.


Complex, ever-evolving and fluid, that’s contemporary homes explained in 3 words.

Unlike modern homes, the term contemporary in 21st-century architecture doesn’t refer to any building pattern over a specific period.

Contemporary architecture borrows its design aspects from Modernism, Mediterranean, Traditional, Minimalism and a multitude of other global architectural styles.

To put things in perspective, the below farmhouse is a contemporary home –

And the below home also falls under the category of a contemporary home –

Due to these non-static aspects, what’s contemporary today may or may not be termed the same 5 years from now. The very same factor makes contemporary design one of the most complex forms in the history of architecture.


Whether you love the complexities of a contemporary design or the ambient aura of a modern home, all you need to do is choose the ideal design that syncs with the dreams you saw for your home.

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